The Uncomfortable Truth

Viewing rapists purely as an exceptional type of violent monster has allowed for many abusers who we see as upstanding members of society to get away with their crimes. It has allowed rapists to walk away from justice because they don’t fit into the box that we have created for them... Sometimes the worst crime isn't committed by extraordinary monsters, just ordinary men committing a monstrous crime.

The UK justice system is failing survivors

  A report published in September 2018 showed a 23.1% fall from the year before in the conviction rate for cases of rape; even though there has been an increase in reporting. That’s 849 fewer perpetrators being held accountable for their actions which is the lowest conviction rate in a decade. The conviction rates in … Continue reading The UK justice system is failing survivors

Victim blaming and the just world fallacy

Whilst many believe that a victim of sexual violence may have provoked rape and sexual abuse, we all know really that that is bulls**t. No one invites violence against themselves, and no one chooses to live with the effects sexual violence has on one’s psyche, perceptions, and life. The definition of rape is sex without … Continue reading Victim blaming and the just world fallacy

Sex after assault

Being intimate after a sexual assault can be difficult. Whilst some survivors may become more promiscuous following an assault, especially survivors of child sexual abuse. Others may become withdrawn and avoid engaging in consensual sexual activity because the emotions and physical sensations may trigger unwanted memories, distressing thoughts, or certain emotions to be brought to … Continue reading Sex after assault